Online Mall FAQ

What if I need to cancel or change an order?

When an order is placed with an Online Mall’s member store and all of the billing and shipping information has been accepted by the store, you will need to contact the store. DO NOT PAY FOR PRODUCTS WITHOUT PHYSICAL GETTING THE PRODUCTS.  ONLY A HANDFUL OF AFRICAN COUNTRIES HAVE RELIABLE SHIPPING SERVICES. 

Are there product reviews from customers? has features that allow the customers to rate the products and post a review. The reviews and product rating show up after the page showing the detailed product information. The vendor can see and manage the reviews for his products from the vendor’s admin space.

What is the return policy?

If you're dissatisfied with a purchase for any reason, you can return it directly to the merchant (with original tags and packaging) within a store’s specified days for exchange or refund. For further assistance, call the online Store’s listed telephone contact or related numbers for customer support.

Do you ship to my country? What are the delivery charges?

A shipping and delivery service is the domain of the individual online (mall) stores. For prudent shopping, please, explore the stores authenticity and do not pay for goods to be delivered if the service does not exist in your country of domicile.

Can an order be shipped to more than one address?

The listed stores (malls) are responsible for shipping. We do not sell or ship goods, we only host sellers with online malls and possible delivery services. We do advise our clients to take upmost care in ordering items from a store. It is prudent to reserve item(s) and possibly physically pick them up until a trustful delivery process is established.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards. We also accept Bill Me Later online and PayPal.

Is it safe to use my credit card information over the internet?

Online mall uses the latest technology to ensure safe transmission of your credit card information. Our processes are certified and we use extremely secured connections (i.e. https :)

How do I manage my Online Mall account?

Log in to your Online Mall account. Then click the "Create your Store" tab in the menu at the top of your account page if you are a new customer or Login, if you are already a customer. The Online Mall's "My Account" page provides an overview of your account and offers links to more in-depth information, including how to improve your store branding.

What are the available hosting “packages”?


 There are three (3) hosting packages including:

1.      Basic Package- Make your business/online store more professional and add legitimacy to your products with this affordable solution, with up to 50 products listed on your store/mall.

2.      Standard Package - The Standard package includes our Basic with up to 200 products listings on your mall.

3.      Premium Package- The Premium package includes the Standard with up to 1,000 products listings allowed.

How do I modify my profile?

1.      From:

2.      Click Link

3.      Click Profile Page

4.      Edit the information you entered including:

a.       Username (mall/user name can only be changed by contacting us)

b.      Phone number

c.       Email, First name, Last name, Company etc)

d.      Country and address

e.       Notification email

f.       Currency

g.      logo

 Note: To have the user-name above changed, please contact us.

How do you deal with possible country/regional and taxes where applicable? can manage the many countries, states and tax zones. A new tax zone that emerges will be programmable implemented to easily charge any VAT for related sales.

When I sell products on my Store/Mall, does tracking my stock/product count? has a stock-tracking feature activated.  Signed on vendors who specified the number of available products, will be tracked as products are purchased, the stock numbers will be decreased and when it becomes zero (0), an "out of stock" message will be displayed and it won't be possible to order the product anymore.

Does Bestafrica.con charge commissions?

We do charge a commission of 2% on a percentage from the sales of the Vendor/Stores.

How do I manage my vendor website (mall)?

The vendor admin space allows the ‘vendor’ to manage, edit, and add products, change settings and manage profiles.

What are the advantages to the users on comparing and finding products online?

1.      An Easy shopping experience

2.      Wide range of products to compare shop

3.      Value for money on different products

4.      Publicity of different companies and their products to the wider world

5.      Easy link to contact vendors and purchase products

What payment options are available for Vendors/Stores?

There are payment options for vendors/stores to add to their products. Vendors/stores can activate a payment option from their individual administrator space that may be used to accept payments from their customers. advises its users not to make prior payments online where delivery is not ascertained. Most African countries lack credible delivery structures.

How does it work?

Online Mall” allow sign-on vendors to manage their product, inventory, payments and invoice generation. administrators will ensure your security online and the overall control of the system. Remember; make sure you’re comfortable with the participating mall before paying. We encourage pay upon review and delivery of products in countries where delivery is not available.

What are the objectives of the “Online Mall”?

As Africa rises, the most precious economic factor is “time”. A key variable associated with an increasing middle class and purchasing power is anonlineflexible multi vendor’s mall solution. It allows the merchants to sign up and create an online store with ease. Stores may start selling their goods within minutes after signing up on the “Online mall.”

What is “Online Mall”? provides the “Online Mall”, as the exclusive web-based service that makes shopping possible by linking to shops across the African continent. The portal (Online Mall) links to different shops and the displays of their products and services. These allow shoppers to compare products and services and identify locations near them. The benefits include money value and time constraints, hence allowing users:

1.      An interface between their company and customers

2.      To advertise and publish their products , including the means to link customers to stores closer to their locations

To participate in inter-Africa e-commerce

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