Do I need to register to use BestAfrica.com?

To post or maintain your services, you do need to register for our services (Business Directory, Africa Online Mall, Jobs Portal and Real Estate).

Are your websites secured?

BestAfrica.com uses industry standard (256-bit SSL for payments i.e. PayPal, etc) or higher encryption for communications between your computer and our website. This is the same strength as most cash machines (ATMs) and many retail stores and 3rd party security consultants to ensure we are using the latest security solutions.

Our number one priority is the security of your directory, mall, Jobs, Real Estate, database, and information. We’ve employed numerous security solutions noted above to ensure your data stays safe.

Do you charge sales tax?

We do not physically deliver any goods at this time, no sales taxes are required; however, as Africa business evolves it might be a requirement over time for our clients who deliver goods..

How do I know my details are secure?

BestAfrica.com uses industry-standard (256-bit SSL) or higher encryption for communications between your computer and our site. This is the same strength as most cash machines and many retail stores across the globe. Our site communicates with your issuing bank, via our payment processor over a strong encrypted connection. In rare cases, we store some of your card details briefly on our servers while your order is being processed using higher-strength government/military grade encryption. Other details, including your "Card Verification Value" or "Card Security Code" are not recorded by us at all.

When do I pay for the service?

You submit your payment information at the same time you register for our services. As soon as your payment has been approved, we review and post your details based on your choices. To ensure that there are no delays in processing an order, please make every effort to provide accurate information and service choices. We do double-check this to ensure due diligence.

Which currency are your prices based on?

We offer our customers instantly a wide range of currencies, however, the US dollar ($) is our standard currency.

The www.bestafrica.com web sub domains (i.e. business, Mall, Jobs and Real Estate) address starts with "https." What does the "s" stand for?

The "https:/" means that your information is encrypted to protect your privacy on the Internet. Like many other Internet sites, bestafrica.com uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for encryption.

Why am I having trouble navigating the site with my browser?

Our web site is best viewed with the newest Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using older browser software, you may want to download the free upgrades.

How do I create a New User Account for BestAfrica.com sub domains?

To get the most out of your experience on the BestAfrica.com web experience, we highly recommend creating a user account for the sub domain of interest (i.e. Business, mall, Jobs or Real Estate).

To create a new account, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the upper right-hand corner of your screen and choose “Register”
  • Fill out the fields and choose one of the available options 
  • Use the username /password you successfully created and choose “Log in” at the top ( Login after our confirmation email).
  • You can also log in using your FaceBook sign-in and password

Creating an Account

BestAfrica.com  is an e-commerce website comprising of four distinct online activities (Business Directory, Online Mall, Africa Jobs Portal and the Real Estate Portal). We have a controlling page that connects clients to the four operations.  Please note that you will need to create an account separately for each sub domain (i.e. Business, Mall, Jobs and Real Estate) to log into the system(s). This means if you have registered on our business directory website, you will need to re-register again to use mall or jobs. For simplicity, you may wish to use the same username/email address/password combo for both accounts. We do apologize for any inconvenience this creates. However, your FaceBook account will work on both sites.

How do I Navigating the Website?

Welcome to BestAfrica.com! We’re thrilled to have you on our e-commerce site. We know navigating a large site can take a little getting used to, so outline the basics BestAfrica.com below. Equally important if you have a question, please, feel free to contact us from the “Contact Us” form on each sub domain.

What is your business prospective?

BestAfrica.comis moving Africa digitally forward to a larger and more profitable business services.  We aim to improve the welfare, success, and prosperity of African businesses.

We provide businesses the capacity to aspire and succeed.

What is the difference between BestAfrica and other global e-commerce and tech gaints such as Google, AliBaba, FaceBook, etc?

Manufacturing is exchanging workers for robots, a trend that will continue.  Technology is making professionals more productive.  BestAfrica.com, through its integrated digital platforms, wants to complement other technology companies by expanding the African markets through inter-Africa business cooperation.

BestAfrica.com has a huge interest in helping remove the digital divide for African businesses by bringing online visibility to them.  Some African governments are helping to mitigate the digital issues confronting businesses. Our goal is to help solve the digital issue by bringing a broader media to power and validate online visibility.

The digital future, what is in it for Africa?

The digital revolution has brought about sweeping changes to markets across the globe.  Computing power today brings connectivity and data ubiquity to new heights.  Africa is on a growth path as it empowers new wealth creation and entrepreneurial ideas to stimulate a rising continent.

Entrepreneurs can earn big gains by bringing products and services to market that people need and want, and Africa is a supply-driven paradise in terms of supply and demand along with the growth of disposable incomes. Our paradigm, will help rural businesses become visible digitally, thus increasing their profits and providing employment for others.

How do your platform make a difference?

Africa has had its share of social problems caused mainly by historical, cultural, and in some cases incoherent governing incompetence. These self-inflicted paradoxes can be solved partly by a digital driven business environment that has limited political or religious ethos. With our business drivers in place, we are determined to democratize Africa with the prospects for housing, business to business cooperation, education, jobs and business development. Our online digital initiative will go far towards empowering lives across the continent by providing economic growth to meet anticipated demands.

What does BestAfrica bring to the table now and in the future?

. When you need somewhere to strategize about Africa businesses, we provide a digitized platform to be a part of an emerging Africa paradigm.

Our integrated platform allows our clients a deeper understanding and the means to build relationships and support for prospective business today and for years to come.

What benefits does my business gain from BestAfrica?

The world is changing pretty fast. Global balance including those of economics, business, and social order is now incorporating an emerging African continent. Our core benefit to your business is to bring Africa into the forefront in this powerful new digital world that has no borders.

Integrating fifty four (54) unique economies in a new Africa may prove a rough way ahead but it is also a benefit to all African businesses. This integrated platform is meant to exchange and seek business solutions that are good for all of Africa to foster a brighter future together.

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